Retail / Etail

of retail marketing leaders rate their understanding of who their customers are and why they do business with them at a B- or below.1
Optimal channel mix

With each prospect on multiple devices and multiple channels, it can be difficult for your brand to identify exactly where, when, and how to reach your high-value audience.

The SG360° Identity GridTM allows us to pinpoint the specific channels where your potential customers are most engaged and open to your promotions. With this data, we run various channel mix scenarios against your favored campaign KPIs. This analysis reveals which channel combination is most likely to achieve the best outcome.

As consumers deem marketing messages to be more relevant and useful, conversion rates increase.1

1 (2023) The Future of Direct Mail 2023, SG360°

Creative to Engage Your Audience Instantly

Developing the right campaign creative and keeping messaging consistent throughout the customer journey, especially in this competitive retail landscape, is essential to campaign success.

Our uniquely deep understanding of who your best prospect is, and what emotional drivers resonate with them, informs creative direction. That, plus our vast experience in getting results, culminates in a campaign tailored to each consumer that inspires action.

Providing Campaign Results in Real Time

How do you know how well the audience, channels, and creative are working? Your customized interactive dashboard reveals it.

With an interactive ResultsTracker™ that is unique to your brand’s needs and target metrics, you can effortlessly monitor results in real time. Plus, simulate any campaign scenario to forecast potential outcomes, so you may adjust strategies accordingly.

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