Postal Optimization and Logistics

Getting your mail where and when it needs to be takes an intricate balance of key disciplines. SG360° has the team, resources, expertise, and strategic relationships to execute complex campaigns with precision.

Our logistical expertise moves your mail pieces to and through the USPS distribution system as efficiently and economically as possible.

Virtual Sorting

Meanwhile, our postal logistics team performs a mail load plan using your mailing list and mailer specs. This determines what shipping resources and transportation requirements are necessary to meet your critical in-home or in-mail dates, without negating the mailing discounts you've earned.

This exercise reveals:

Number of palletes of mail trays, which determines the…

number of loads to be moved by the…

best transit method, to the…

optimal USPS delivery system entry points.

The USPS also offers postage discounts based on volume and density. Volume and density are key factors in determining how far into the postal delivery system mail can enter, bypassing some traditional initial sorting steps. This saves the USPS time and effort, and those savings are passed on to mailers.

For those mailings not large enough to qualify for this extra discount, we capture those savings for you with strategic commingling or co-palletization.

Both processes allow smaller mailings to be combined with mail from other sources into larger communal “pools.” This creates the volumes needed to bypass the intermediate sorting process and be delivered directly to the appropriate USPS Sectional Center Facility or Network Distribution Center.

Reap the benefits of our strong industry relationships.

Our consultative approach to postal optimization and logistics starts with the question, “What are you trying to accomplish?”

From there, we rely on a mix of internal expertise and affiliated relationships to balance the costs of delivery with the program goals, delivering for you virtually every day of the year.

Let’s get started.