Creative Development

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SG360° Creative Development Process

The Creative Process

Creative Process Deliverables


Creative Strategy Brief
Messaging Architecture
Competitive Review
Creative Mood Board
The Creative Audit

Benefits of the Creative Development Process

  • Cut through the noise. Differentiate your brand or offer from your competition, no matter how deep their pockets are.
  • Create memorable messaging. Good stories are memorable. With the appropriate groundwork to inform your creative campaigns, your messaging will resonate with the right audience.
  • The right idea works across all channels. Translate the “big idea” for your campaign into a powerful narrative and captivating visual concept, tailored to the strengths of each of your channels.
  • Improved marketing performance. Personalized messaging, offers that resonate, and images that elicit emotion, leading to higher conversion rates.

The Creative AuditTM

If you already have a creative control package that you love, but have seen results dip, we can provide a roadmap for changes that will improve performance. Our unique and proprietary process helps uncover how recipients view and read your direct mail pieces; and achieve copy, imagery, layout, and offer that will generate a higher response rate. SG360° has the expertise to join your roadmap at any step along the way, from the initial strategy discussion to the actual creative implementation.

Through simple icons overlaid onto your control, you quickly get a clear picture of specific recommendations, with easy guidelines for implementing those changes.

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