Your success hinges on your ability to efficiently meet regulatory demands and scale communications that drive better member outcomes. With a data-driven campaign lifecycle that leverages marketing automation, HITRUST®-certified SG360° can meet these challenges seamlessly.

5 steps to improve healthcare marketing results

Healthcare Marketing in 5 Steps
Audience Insights
Your campaigns benefit from SG360°’s ability to efficiently personalize on components such as plan benefits, geography, and personas. We combine first-party and third-party data for the most relevant 1:1 member communications.
Ideation & Concepting

We use those Audience Insights to develop messaging, creative, and offers for 1:1 communications across multiple channels, promoting the specific benefits that matter most to each individual.

Campaign Architecture
Get precisely timed omnichannel communications using the most potent and relevant channel mix. Audience Insights guide your most impactful designs, packaging, and version specifics.
Flawless Execution

Our HITRUST-compliant data and automation solutions are designed with the complexity of your variable data needs in mind.

Whether your overriding concern is ensuring patient confidentiality and data security, getting to market quickly, or making sure you are top of mind during critical windows of opportunity, your campaigns will be executed accurately, on time, and within all regulatory compliance.

Advanced Analytics

Track the performance of your campaigns with the click of a button to see your KPIs in real time.

Discover previously unknown success metrics by region, audience cohort, or any number of consumer demographics.

Experiment by building any campaign scenario you can imagine and see theoretical results—based on your actual results—using predictive modeling.

SG360° is now HITRUST r2 Certified

SG360° has gone through the grueling process of obtaining HITRUST certification, the gold standard for healthcare data security.

Our r2 certification guarantees HITRUST’s highest level of security assurance for your critical data, incorporating industry-leading standards like HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI, ISO 27001, NIST, and more.

By partnering with us, you inherit the controls associated with our HITRUST certification, streamlining your own certification journey.

SG360° is HITRUST r2 certified

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