Performance Analytics

Ready for a grown-up version of campaign analysis?

In your custom ResultsTrackerTM, we marry your campaign details and audience data with our 5,000 attribute points on 280 Million U.S. consumers.

With access to data on 99.9% of all U.S. consumers, you’ll have the ability to enter any campaign scenario you can imagine to get real-time insight into the potential results, enabling infinite scenarios for ideation and forecasting.


Track direct mail, email, digital, social, and retargeting campaign performance by version, offer, segment, geography, channel or product over time with your custom ResultsTracker™ dashboard.


Assess response rates, analyze conversions, calculate cost to acquire customers, and understand the true impact of a campaign with a statistically balanced lift over holdout analysis.


Narrow in on any segments and compare results across any dimension to quickly pinpoint the best-performing combination of creative, offer, date, audience, geography, channels, etc.

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