Campaign Performance Strategy

SG360° works with you to create a complete blueprint for campaign success, encompassing every step of the process, from establishing goals to execution and optimization. And thanks to our data-driven customer insights, we are informed by what really makes your customer tick.

Your optimal campaign strategy starts with robust data on your best customer.

Our direct response experts follow a process that reveals your unique needs, to create a campaign that improves your marketing performance. The resultant performance data feeds back into the process, making it smarter for each campaign.

Step 1: Fuel for Ideation

Our massive, in-house data stack contains thousands of demographic, psychographic, and online and offline behavioral data points on 99% of the U.S. population.

Paired with our expertise and in-house AI, we create Audience Insights to identify your best prospects to target, optimize your cost to acquire a new customer, and inform your ongoing campaign strategy.

Step 2: The Idea

The Audience Insights inform and fuel our creative brainstorming, which culminates into the “big idea” for a memorable campaign that elicits emotion and incites action.

Before copy, imagery, and offer presentment come to life, we execute:

  • The Creative Strategy Brief to act as a guide to the creative team to ensure the idea is born from strategy, and can be executed against the campaign objectives to achieve the desired results
  • Messaging Framework to outline the unifying story for each audience group that translates across channels
  • Competitive Review to highlight gaps, opportunities, and potential differentiators

Step 3: Campaign Architecture

Developing your strategy to maximize campaign performance demands a structured campaign architecture built on a strong foundation.

Optimal Package

Mail packages are engineered to complement your campaign message and garner the highest response rate. It is meanwhile optimized for the ideal production path and to minimize postage cost.

Complete Test Plan

Based on Audience Insights, your testing strategy creates a feedback loop on execution channels, test cells (list, creative, messaging, offers), and more. This will pave the way for a long-term, sustainable marketing program that truly resonates and drives campaign performance improvement.

Designed for Response

Our process, plus our customer acquisition expertise, lead to a campaign with every element designed to elicit response: copy, offer presentation, call to action, graphics, and medium… to convey your brand’s value, connect with your audience, and build differentiation, trust, loyalty, and ultimately, fandom.

Step 4: Right Channel, Right Person

After Audience Insights help us determine your best prospects, down to the individual, we can identify where they are engaging, online and off. Using predictive modeling, we develop the channel mix strategy that generates the best CAC to LTV ratio.

Because direct mail generates the highest conversion rates of all addressable marketing channels, we place it at the center of your direct response engine and surround your target audience with relevant and synchronized digital marketing.

Step 5: Performance Analytics

Your customized ResultsTrackerTM helps you measure and evaluate campaign performance by version, offer, segment, geography, channel or audience.

ResultsTrackerTM will also help you predict future results with the click of a button. All campaign results are stored in your custom modeling engine for ongoing analysis, making your marketing smarter with every campaign execution.

Let’s get started.