Who We Are

We strive daily to ensure the marketers we serve find in us a trusted partner who relentlessly helps them achieve marketing results with the best possible ROI.

For over 65 years, SG360° has thrived by responding to the changing needs of our diverse client base. What started as a regional commercial printer is today a national, industry-leading provider of addressable marketing.

Marketing Alignment ProcessTM

At SG360°, we bring our decades of customer acquisition experience to brands from Fortune 50 to mid-market, across over a dozen verticals. 100% of our focus is on direct response marketing performance. As such, you can leverage our core capabilities for every step in the direct response life cycle. Or, have us fill in just where they need us. We meet you where you are at.

In today's dynamic and demanding environment, you need to react quickly to changing market conditions.

We aim to reduce campaign cycle time at every step in the process, increasing speed to market and providing you more time to make smart marketing decisions.

So that we may be flexible, transparent, and easy to collaborate with, our end-to-end solution reduces the waste that comes with handoffs from one party to another. Plus, we integrate with a variety of technology platforms.


The safety of your data is vital to your success and reputation. Ask us about our protocols for ensuring a safe, reliable environment for peace of mind that your data will be ingested, processed, stored, and disposed of in the most secure manner possible.

Improved Marketing Performance

Our journey began as family owned and operated for 47 years, then employee-owned the next 13. In 2016, an opportunity arose to significantly increase our ability to innovate, and ICV Partners, LLC, became the controlling owners of SG360°.

We chose ICV Partners because their core values closely align with our own: be Honest, Humble, Hungry, and Hardworking. ICV, a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), believes in the power of business to positively impact communities.

Let’s get started.