Consumer Packaged Goods

SG360° uncovers prospects primed for your products, reveals optimal channels for outreach, crafts compelling creatives to drive purchases, and puts the results at your fingertips. Leverage our track record with product sampling and other tactics that elicit response.

Optimal Channel Mix

Leveraging the power of the SG360° Identity Grid™, we uncover the exact channels, online and off, where your prospects are most receptive to your messaging. Using this information, we model different channel mixes to find the one that will generate the best customer acquisition cost (CAC) to lifetime value (LTV) ratio.

Tailored offers and creative that elicit action

Leverage Data-Driven Retargeting

The average ecommerce conversion rate is approximately 2.5%1. Don’t let the other 97.5% of your website visitors get away!

After de-anonymizing your anonymous website visitors, SG360° overlays on each individual the thousands of data elements we have on them.

With audience modeling, we then identify the prospects most likely to convert. We add to the data set the messages and channels they are most responsive to.

Product Sampling

Product trials eliminate many of the barriers to getting your product in the hands of your target personas. They can be very powerful for conversion and lifetime value, but costly if the campaign is not expertly designed and executed.

SG360°’s unique methodology allow us to create a product sampling campaign that is more efficient and drives higher acquisition.

Thanks to our dedicated finishing and fulfillment services, we can produce and ship your packaging to campaign specifications. Because we keep the entire campaign lifecycle under one roof, we eliminate handoffs, miscommunications and errors, leading to faster time to market.

Instant Insights for Optimal Outcomes

In the highly competitive CPG industry, with ever-shifting consumer behaviors, you often need to pivot on a dime. SG360°’s ResultsTrackerTM provides reliable, insightful data at your fingertips, to inform faster decision-making and campaign optimization.

Customized with your key KPIs, the interactive dashboard allows you to easily monitor your metrics in real-time, and share them across your organization, without the need for extensive training. Plus, you’ll have the ability to enter any campaign scenario and view predicted outcomes almost instantly.

Case Studies

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