Data Security

When data security is priority #1, you can’t take your partners’ word for it.

At SG360°, our HTIRUST® r2 certification offers gold standard verification that we are as committed to protecting your data as you are.

SG360° is HITRUST r2 certified

We're investing
in your protection

To obtain our HITRUST r2 certification, we’ve put in hundreds of hours and a significant financial investment, achieving HITRUST’s highest level of security assurance, so you can feel confident that we are employing transparent and consistent data controls.

Don't take our word for it

HITRUST certification offers proof that we have fortified our systems to protect your most critical data. Unlike HIPAA regulations, HITRUST’s rigorous and thorough assurance mechanism enforces security and data protection at the forefront.

While HIPPA compliance is a federal law, there is no enforcement until a security breach occurs. HITRUST certification, on the other hand, ensures that breach never happens.
HITRUST offers security for every industry
HITRUST, founded in 2007, emerged as the gold standard in healthcare and HIPAA, but the framework is adaptable and can be applied across various sectors and risk levels. It is steadily progressing to be the gold standard in financial services, retail, manufacturing, higher education, and other data-conscious industries.







Our certification saves you time and money

When you partner with SG360°, you inherit the controls associated with our HITRUST certification.

This streamlines your assurance journey by reducing the time and effort you must spend when obtaining your own security certification.