SG360° has the data and the expertise to identify the prospects most likely to support your cause, the channels where they’re most receptive, and the emotional triggers that spur action.

Know where and how to reach your potential donors

The SG360° IdentityGridTM lets you target the exact channels your prospective donors are most engaged with. Using this intel, our experts strategize a multi-channel outreach campaign that is perfectly honed for your best prospects to inspire action.

Direct mail is the workhorse of non-profit marketing, providing higher response rates, lower acquisition costs, and increased average gift size compared to other channels. We make it the hub of your campaign, then surround your prospective donors with the specific channels they are likely to convert on. Prospects you reach on multiple channels are proven to be 4X more valuable1 than prospects reached through only one channel.

1 Public Benefit Corporation. (2023, May 24). The state of Modern Philanthropy 2023. Classy.

Attention-grabbing creative that inspires action

Campaign creative that cuts through the noise and positively impacts your bottom line

We develop emotional appeals that are meticulously targeted and differentiate your organization from all other causes vying for donor dollars. 

Campaign results at your fingertips

SG360° data experts work with you to identify and report on the most appropriate KPIs for your organizational goals.

You can easily monitor and measure these metrics in real time, with just a few clicks, with our sophisticated, interactive ResultsTrackerTM. Plus, you’ll have the ability to enter any campaign scenario you can imagine to create your own predictive analysis on the results.

Case Study

Annual Appeal Tri-fold

Elevate your outreach with non-profit direct marketing insights
Non-profit supporters provide a unique marketing opportunity many organizations aren’t aware of. Find out more, plus other direct marketing insights, in our latest non-profit research report.