Audience Insights

Finding highly responsive prospects can feel like a superhuman effort. With SG360°’s Audience Insights, you can identify and connect with your best prospects 1:1, both offline and on. That’s no small feat considering most marketers today have limited access to consumer data.

See how we help you move the needle on your ROI...

Reach your BEST prospects at the BEST time on the BEST channel.

We blend your customer purchase information with the SG360° analytics engine – a uniquely massive data warehouse containing 5,000 data elements on 99.9% of all 255 million U.S. adults.

Coupled with our expertise and in-house machine learning, we create not only detailed profiles of your ideal buyers, but also a ranking of prospects based on:

  • their likelihood to purchase from you,
  • cost to reach them,
  • projected profit per sale, or
  • your essential KPIs.

Our clients are amazed at our ability to identify previously unknown, highly profitable audiences that are ready to convert. 

In addition to being able to reach these newly discovered purchase intenders, SG360° Audience Insights will help you:

  • Understand what makes your customers unique
  • Quantify and target your total addressable market online & offline
  • Optimize marketing performance through the use of predictive modeling and audience-based creative development

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