CPG Product Sampling

The promotion generated $285,000 in revenue at 30% margin.

This brand had a large inventory of two promotional product offering variations, each with various product sizes. They were in need of a targeted distribution method to market the products, and were interested in using publications to distribute the product samples.

At our finishing facility, SG360° simulated test assembly with various amounts of the product.

We found the optimal combination of various size samples per envelope for production. Program production included printing a 4-page (9.375” x 10.5”) promotional insert with a 1.5” lap and remoist glue strip. We left the sample carrier open so we could insert the samples by hand. Our finishing team then inserted the product samples into the envelope and sealed.

SG360° delivered the first 175,000 pieces to the publication printer within the client’s desired 10-day window.

We subsequently met their deadline of an additional two weeks for delivery of the remaining 665,000 pieces, for a total of 830,000 pieces.

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