Structural Design

Reimagining what’s possible

Our design experts work with one goal in mind: innovating direct mail formats that elicit responses from consumers and save you money.

Part and parcel of the structural design process is optimizing the mailer to magnify your critical budget dollars. Not only do we find ways to take even the most complex projects and produce them as efficiently as possible, but we innovate to save on postage as well.

Here is a tiny sampling of our high-performing design formats.

Design 1 (#9776)

Design 2 (#1805-Y)
Design 3 (#1901-Y)
Design 4 (#2162-Y)
Design 5 (#1960-Y)
Design 6 (#2358-Y)
Design 7 (#2287-Y)
Design 8 (#9687-Y)
Design 9 (#3076-Y)
Design 10 (#10949)
Design 11 (#10196)
Design 12 (#6784)

Let’s get started.