Boost Your Bottom Line in 2021 with Streaming Direct Mail

Enjoy this peek behind the latest developing trend in Direct Mail that connects your existing mailing list to streaming content consumers.

The future is coming, and it’s going to have sponsors

In December 2020, 78 percent of U.S. consumers utilized streaming media in one fashion or another, be it television (such as Hulu), video (such as YouTube), or audio (such as Spotify). That’s up from 52% in 2015, and it’s still growing. Partly as a result of the global pandemic of 2020, and partly because of the entry into the field of major new services, such as Disney+, global streaming subscriptions saw record growth throughout 2020.

Most of these services have some form of paid advertising as part of their business model. Those that do not currently include advertising are working diligently, crafting lower-priced models that will. Need proof? Ever notice how paid content hour-long dramas tend to run 6-10 minutes short of a full hour? In the lower-priced options they’ll fill those minutes with advertising.

Now there is a way to reach streaming consumers using your existing mailing list.

Put your mailing list into overdrive with streaming media

SG360º works with technology partners who analyze your mailing list, and utilizing tools like placement location, match streaming devices to specific addresses with 99% accuracy. These devices can be phones, tablets, or connected devices like an AppleTV unit. Even a smart TV can be geo-located. Those devices are mapped inside a “geo-fence” indicating their home location.

For a typical campaign, identified devices are sent content when they register as being “at home” over the course of two weeks. Users who consume streaming media in that window are exposed to your video/audio content anywhere from 5-12 times on average, depending on their habits. At the end of the two-week period your direct mail piece arrives in their hands.

The streaming campaign uses repeated exposure to build brand awareness around your product or service, and the Direct Mailer triggers an action, increasing the odds of a conversion.

A unique reach

What makes targeted streaming video on demand advertising different from general broadcast advertising is the ability to specifically broadcast to the people you want to reach. Two people, using the same service, watching the same program, could wind up seeing completely different advertising based on their consumer preferences. By virtue of their being on your mailing list—signifying an interest in your offers—they are defined as a first-party contacts, and your messaging to them tends to result in stronger reception.

Streaming Side-by-Side Ads
Same street, same day, same time, same streaming app, same show… different ads.
Basic requirements

Getting started is easy, especially if you already have video or audio ad content. If you don’t have existing content to stream, there are partner resources we can direct you to for help. Then all you need is your mailing list.

For this kind of program to be cost effective, your mailing list should minimally contain 50,000 contacts, and there is no upper limit on number of contacts that affect efficiency. The larger the list though, the more you’ll want to devise a test scenario to a subset of contacts to aid in crafting the most compelling message you can.

The cost centers for a Streaming Direct Mail campaign include the video/audio content, the list research, and the direct mailer (plus postage).

Early results show great promise

Statistically, this approach of combining Direct Mail with Streaming is relatively new, but the data so far suggest strong returns on investment, with some advertisers seeing up to a 26% lift in customer conversions from house lists over traditional Direct Mail alone. It even improves on Direct Mail + Social Engagement’s 12% conversion lift.

StraemingDM Lift

And because it is a new approach for Direct Mail marketing, there’s no telling how much further Streaming Direct Mail will go.

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