That’s great, but why leave the other 98% of buyers that indicated interest to make a purchase elsewhere, or not at all? Depending on industry, direct mail retargeting yields a return of four to 35 times(!) ad spend for Fortune 1000 brands.

Email fatigue and digital ad blindness continue to erode the effectiveness of digital retargeting efforts.

Use RetargetingDM with several scenarios, including:

  • Website visitors—known and anonymous
  • Abandoned online shopping carts
  • Physical location visitors—known and anonymous
  • Email un-subscribers

Connect with the most likely buyers from any list by using the latest and greatest in marketing technologies.


Address Append

1st Party Cookie

Location Signals

Our most affordable RetargetingDM product is the EconoCard™. This traditional-sized postcard uses hyper-targeted data to create individually relevant offers without involving press changes that cost time and money.

EconoCard advantages:

  • Individually customize copy, image, and offers
  • Mails within days of receipt of your data
  • No minimum quantities
  • Pricing tailored to your budget

RetargetingDM is an effective solution for nearly any industry, including:

General Merchandise

12.4 Return on Ad Spend
5.1% Response Rate


10.7 Return on Ad Spend
2.8% Response Rate


14.2 Return on Ad Spend
6.2% Response Rate

Travel & Leisure

33.6 Return on Ad Spend
.6% Response Rate

Health & Beauty

5.9 Return on Ad Spend
1.6% Response Rate


18.4 Return on Ad Spend
1% Response Rate

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