SaaS for Retailers

89% increase in conversions

This industry-leading SaaS had goals to grow quickly, but needed the expertise to determine the best audiences, channels, and communication approaches to do so.

The first step was a 360° data analysis.

SG360° started with an analysis of the SaaS provider’s existing customer database. Using thousands of the freshest multi-sourced psychographic, behavioral, and demographic data points, we helped them understand who their most valuable customers were.

We then:

  • analyzed the best channels,
  • developed a communication strategy, and
  • provided our proprietary ResultsTracker™ interactive analytics hub.

The client was pleased with their 89% lift in conversion and 7x lower than expected cost of acquisition.

As a result, the SaaS provider continues to work with SG360° on ideation and optimization of their direct mail programs and will increase annual mail volume by 80%.

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