SG360° President and CEO John A. Wallace, Jr. Has Died

It is with profound senses of loss and sadness that we announce the sudden and unexpected death of our President and CEO John A. Wallace, Jr., who passed away at his work home the evening of January 4, 2022.

Day-to-day operations of the company will continue to be run by our seasoned executive leadership team during this transition. SG360° has capital support of the Miami and Atlanta-based investment firm ICV Partners. ICV Partners and our board of directors stand ready to provide the necessary guidance for the company to build on our successes from 2021 and to continue our successful growth strategy.

Willie Woods, Founder and President of ICV Partners said, “John’s vision for SG360° and rock-steady leadership has been integral to our not just surviving 2020 and the COVID-19 shutdown, but thriving during 2021 while navigating the challenges posed by both the global pandemic and unprecedented strains on supply chains and hiring. Our immediate goal going forward is to continue on the path John set us on.”

Mr. Wallace assumed leadership of SG360° in September of 2019 following a nine-month stint as Interim President. His all too brief tenure saw the company undergo growth in an extremely unique set of pandemic-related circumstances amidst a very competitive marketplace.

One of his most endearing traits as a business leader was his regular, personable email communications with the company rank and file. In these weekly messages, Mr. Wallace held forth on the state of the company, always making a point of how proud he was to lead such an exceptional team, as well as passing along his wit and witticisms on life, and encouraging those in his employ to try to find an optimal work/life balance.