Postal Strategy & 2024 Outlook On-Demand Video

In anticipation of the January 2024 USPS postage rate increase, SG360° set out to help marketers take control of their direct mail budgets. Highlighting postal strategy practices that marketers are commonly missing, direct mail experts Melanie De Caprio (VP, Marketing) and Bill Anderson (Postal Expert, Structural Design Director) combined forces to:

    • Review the impact of the 2024 postage increase
    • Discuss readily available tactics to save significantly, and ways to combine them
    • Share details for capitalizing on annual USPS promotions and discounts
    • Reveal the fine points to qualifying for NEW 2024 mail volume incentive credits
    • Create a Postal Strategy Resource Guide that walks marketers through savings opportunities




The original event was broadcast LIVE on Wednesday, December 13, 2023. If you missed it, or just want a refresher, catch the complete presentation above, or use the time stamps below to jump to the specific information.

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Current USPS Landscape  {02:10}

The U.S. Postal Service introduced the Delivering for America plan in 2021 to address the USPS financial challenges. Bill provided a brief rundown of the 10-year transformation strategy, including the key objectives, and the steps USPS has taken to already eliminate $90B of projected loss.  {02:10}


2024 Postage Rate Increase  {04:20}

Bill then discussed the January 2024 rate increase and how it compares to other recent rate increases.  While the overall postage increase for 2024 is 2%, the actual increase percentage will vary by mail class, so Bill provided specific details on increases for each class:

  • Marketing Mail / Standard Automation Letter Rates {05:00}
  • Marketing Mail Carrier Route Letter Rates, and how to qualify for carrier route rates {05:40}
  • Marketing Mail Automation Flat Rates {06:10}
  • Marketing Mail Carrier Route Flat Rates {07:04}
  • First-Class Automation Letter and Post Card Rates {08:12}
  • First-Class Automation Flat Rates {08:44}


Bill and Melanie speculated on what is to come in July 2024, with the expectation of seeing another rate increase, and that 2024 should be the last year with two postage increases per year.  {09:34}


Discounts, Promos & Incentives  {10:25}

Next, it was time to move into the good stuff and talk postal optimization, and common missed opportunities. A surprising number of marketers surveyed are not saving all they can on postage. We bust a couple postal optimization myths, and answer questions.

  • First, Bill discussed the huge impact Automation Discounts can have on postage spend, and how mailers, with support from their provider, can qualify for these discounts. {11:00}
  • Melanie and Bill talked about Commingling and explained how mailers can, and should, get support from their mail providers allowing them to take advantage of commingling benefits. (They also discussed what sets SG360° apart from their competitors when it comes to commingling.) {13:32}


Shifting gears to annual USPS promotions {16:04}, Bill mentioned that some incentives can save mailers up to 5% annually on their postage! He reminded marketers that their mail service providers should be assisting them in applying for the promos, and he provided additional details on each incentive:

Tactile Sensory Interactive

Participation in this promo is rewarded with 5% postage savings for 6 months. While this is the most popular discount offered each year, there are some updates and additions for 2024 which Bill reviewed at {18:10}

Personalized Color Transpromo

Bill reviewed the nuances of the 2024 Personalized Color Transpromo, which runs simultaneous to TSI and earns a 3-4% postage discount. {22:09}

Emerging Tech

This promo has a big change for 2024, removing the date-range restriction. Bill suggested marketers should consider utilizing this discount in January, although the 3-4% discount is available over any 6-month period the mailer chooses. {23:35}

Reply Mail IMbA

Bill reviewed the nuances of this promo for 2024 and how mailers can earn a 3% or 6% discount. {29:48}


This NEW promo offers a 5% postage discount to several types of mail pieces. Bill discussed the ins and outs of the program, as well as best practices, at {31:38}.

Informed Delivery

This promo is one of the most popular and easiest to participate in. Bill explained how the program works, and how marketers can earn a 4% postal discount. {33:46}

NEW Mail Volume Incentives

Finally, what many marketers came to hear, all about the NEW 2024 Mail Volume Incentives. Because the 30% postage credit is brand-new for 2024, Bill spent some time explaining:

  • the program’s intent
  • how to register
  • how to earn the credits
  • when and how your credits can be applied

Some points of the program can get a little confusing, so you might want to listen to this section twice, or contact SG360° for additional guidance. {36:05}

Bill finished with some simple and often forgotten postal strategy tips to help marketers save postage all year long {41:01}.

The duo fielded in-context questions throughout, plus these at the end {44:26}:

  • I heard that in Illinois mailers must call out a mail solicitation in a certain way. Can you tell us about this Illinois mail disclosure act? {44:48}
  • Can I use both mail growth incentive and another incentive at the same time? {46:48}
  • Can you give examples of voice activated direct mail and the requirements? {47:36}

Postal strategy resources mentioned in the presentation:

Postal Strategy and 2024 Outlook for Direct Mailers Webinar Slides
The slides provide a quick reference to marketers’ postal rates and details on all the ways to save.

The SG360° USPS 2024 Promos Calendar
Your quick-reference guide, with calendar, showing all the promo periods, registration periods, discounts, and other details for planning your promo postal strategy.

Article: USPS Finalizes New 2024 Incentives for High-Volume Mailers
Find all the latest details on the 2024 Growth Volume Incentives postal strategy. We update this article each time the USPS releases new info, so bookmark it!

2024 Tactile, Sensory, & Interactive Promo guidebook
Enhance how consumers interact and engage with mail.

2024 Transpromo Promo guidebook
Send vibrant, colorful mail pieces that people will notice, explore, and remember.

2024 Emerging & Advanced Technology Promo guidebook
Wow your customers with the unexpected by guiding their exploration in ways that let them watch, listen, or speak.

2024 Reply Mail IMbA Promo guidebook
Streamline your reply mail processes with Intelligent Mail® Barcode Accounting.

2024 USPS Informed Delivery Promo guidebook
Invite your customers to engage with your mail campaign through previewed, interactive digital images.

2024 Direct Mail Retargeting Promo guidebook
Send personalized First-Class Mail® postcards to recent website or app visitors that didn’t convert.

Login/Signup for USPS Business Customer Gateway
Find and manage USPS® services for your business, including for the Growth Volume Incentives.

Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act
See the legal description of what is considered deception when it comes to mail.

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