General Merchandise Retailer

Achieved an incremental customer spend 250% above projections

The retailer had a personalized coupon mailer for which their process was completely manual. They had to begin preparing for each mailing weeks in advance. By the time the offers reached the customer, they were often no longer relevant.

SG360° removed the retailer’s barriers to scaling the program, saving significant time and cost.

We put the program on our four-color, high-speed variable inkjet web inline press, where the mailers were printed, folded, cut and perforated in one pass, coming off the press ready to enter the mail stream. In addition, we:

  • centralized the assets using digital asset management (DAM),
  • created intelligent proofing, and
  • automated coupon builds and image optimization.

The higher-quality mailer with more relevant and timely personalized coupons led to a 66% increase in redemption rates...

… and an increase in incremental customer spend 250% above projections. With 50% reduction in manual steps and increased throughput, the retailer was able to increase the volume of their mailings 400%. They were also able to expand coupon selection from hundreds per month to over 10,000.

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