Be Top of Mind During the 2021 Medicare AEP

Every year the Medicare AEP becomes more complex and more competitive. Get a leg up on the competition and increase conversions with RetargetingDM™ for Medicare.

Too good to be true?

It sounds like a dream sales opportunity; You’ve been invited to an event to speak one-to-one with a prospective buyer who is actively looking for what you have to sell. 

The catch? You’re one of over 45 salespeople presenting, you are all pitching essentially the same product, and the prospect will likely stop paying attention after 15 seconds.

So how are you going to make that sale?

Welcome to the hectic playing field of Medicare Open Enrollment.

The evolving enrollment window

Direct mail is already the predominate channel in the AEP toolkit, accounting for well over 80%of marketing efforts.

For the 2020 enrollment period, new entrants to Medicare had as many as 47 different plans to choose from, a 20% increase over the previous period. That’s a lot of choices, given an individual’s ability to easily make a selection diminishes once the number of options climbs above 3-4. 

With so many options, and so much information being distributed, the odds are slim that your offer will stand out above all others. While people say they like more options, research shows they are more satisfied with their ultimate decision when there are fewer choices.

The Decision-to-Satisfaction Curve
As the number of options increase, our satisfaction with our final choice decreases.

As the number of options increase, our satisfaction with our final choice decreases.And because of the COVID pandemic, a record number of plan shoppers did their investigating online, where the average Web page viewing time is just 15 seconds.  

Payers need a way to connect with potential customers after the online research to help eliminate competition. Increasing the number of touchpoints makes your message more memorable and keeps your offering top of mind. While digital retargeting sounds like a good idea, growing email fatigue and online ad blindness are hampering its effectiveness.

The direct mail retargeting solution

Visitors to your website, even anonymous ones, can receive a direct mail reminder, tailored to their interests, within days of visiting your site. This mailer is both another touchpoint and a concrete reminder of what you have to offer. This reinforcement makes your message more memorable than those viewed online only. 

When you get down to it, insurance is driven by numbers. Well there’s no denying these numbers:

  • 98% of people check their mail every day, and
  • 66% of all direct mail gets opened and read for at least one minute2
  • The response rate for Direct Mail is higher (9x for house lists and 5x for new acquisitions) than for other channels like email and other digital media3
  • 92% of direct mail recipients report being driven to digital activity, and
  • 87% were influenced to make a purchase4
  • Campaigns that use both digital media and direct mail receive 39% more attention than their digital-only counterparts.5
  • For more detail on the effectiveness of direct mail retargeting, download our free eBook.

This makes retargeting direct mail an excellent tool to engage and convert prospects, whether they went so far as to request a quote and failed to follow through, or were simply starting their due diligence. 

RetargetingDM Best Practices
Sometimes, it is rocket science

The key to successful of direct mailing retargeting? Data.

Working hand-in-hand with your team, our outstanding data scientists use proprietary analytical tools and processes to identify even anonymous website visitor names and physical mailing addresses. But that’s just the start.

We further determine, from among all site visitors, who the most likely buyers are. By focusing your direct mail campaigns on this exclusive list, you speed up the time to mail and save on postage.

All of this is done with strenuous adherence to the strictest data privacy laws and guidelines, protecting both client and consumer data.

To find out how your programs can stand out from the pack this Medicare Open Enrollment period, contact Jeff Melton, Senior Vice President, Sales, at 816-500-9645, or


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