That’s great, but why leave the other 98% of buyers that indicated interest to make a purchase elsewhere, or not at all?... Depending on industry, direct mail retargeting yields a return of between four and 35 times(!) ad spend for Fortune 1000 brands.

Email fatigue and digital ad blindness continue to erode the effectiveness of digital retargeting efforts.

Use RetargetingDM with several scenarios, including:

  • Website visitors—known and anonymous
  • Abandoned online shopping carts
  • Physical location visitors—known and anonymous
  • Email un-subscribers

Connect with the most likely buyers from any list by using the latest and greatest in marketing technologies.


Address Append

1st Party Cookie

Location Signals

Our most popular, and effective, RetargetingDM product is the EconoCard™. This traditional-sized post card uses hyper-targeted data to create individually relevant offers without involving press changes that cost time and money.

EconoCard advantages:

  • Individually customize copy, image, and offers
  • Mailed within days of receipt of your data.
  • No minimum quantities
  • Pricing tailored to your budget

RetargetingDM is an effective solution for nearly any industry, including:

General Merchandise

$135 Average Order Value
9 Return on Ad Spend
5.1% Response Rate


$208 Average Order Value
7.7 Return on Ad Spend
2.8% Response Rate


$133 Average Order Value
10.9 Return on Ad Spend
6.2% Response Rate

Travel & Leisure

$4,507 Average Order Value
34.7 Return on Ad Spend
.6% Response Rate

Health & Beauty

$241 Average Order Value
5.2 Return on Ad Spend
1.6% Response Rate


$1,488 Average Order Value
21.4 Return on Ad Spend
1% Response Rate

Let’s get started.

Our evolution—which continues today—didn’t just happen. It is the result of a history of fearless leadership dedicated to recognizing, anticipating, and at times driving, change. Rather than fear change, we embrace it—welcome it—and use it to our clients’ advantage.

We continually redefine what direct mail is and what it can do; taking it from yesterday’s generic, one-size-fits-all approach to today’s targeted, personalized communications vehicle that uses relevancy to drive engagement and get results.

We utilize a vast array of omnichannel solutions, coupled with proprietary data analysis and methodology, to maximize the scope and reach of everything we produce. Rather than the final stop in a detailed marketing plan…

… we are most effective when integrated with the creative process from start to finish.

Our singular focus on direct marketing means our clients never have to worry about competing interests compromising their goals.


We do all of this by investing smartly in the people, technologies, materials, and processes that keep us on the leading edge of direct marketing communications.

Our clients are our inspiration as we continually redefine what direct mail is and what it can do.

We make your data actionable for targeted, personalized communications at scale.

With the breadth of our solutions, we never have to fit a square peg in a round hole. Maximize your direct marketing results with complimentary channels, greater control, and faster time-to-market.

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