Direct Mail’s Unique Opportunity Amid a Challenging Marketing Landscape

We’re in a global moment, one that feels uncharted and unfamiliar. Amid these changes, brands are monitoring and adapting to the impacts the coronavirus pandemic is having on their businesses. Marketers are tasked with navigating the current landscape to remain connected with customers and be ready to drive business when we begin to return to a sense of “normalcy.”

In our new shared reality, we are working from home, teaching our children from home, and staying connected with our friends and family from home. This, in turn, means more time is being spent on the internet – a lot more time.

shutterstock_120411148It may seem counter-intuitive then, that at a time when online activity is surging, innovative mailing solutions are crucial to your communication strategy. There are two factors as to why.   

  1. As we increase our online activity, our screen fatigue is growing as well. Direct mail, through the process of gathering the mail and simply sorting through it to determine what deserves additional attention and what doesn’t, gives us a welcome chance to break away from our computer screens and mobile devices. Even if just for a few minutes.
  2. While email remains one of the most effective communication channels, it’s experiencing an uptick of challenges. Our inboxes have become inundated with marketing messages – with some brands moving to daily messages – as well as continued updates from companies on how they’re responding to the coronavirus crisis. In turn, this increase is making it harder for your message to get read as we become even more selective on which messages we interact with.

Helping Brands Stay Connected With Their Customers

As brands react to today’s evolving climate, SG360° continues to provide innovative mailing solutions that enable clients to stay connected with their customers. With one of the most diverse platforms in the industry, we’re helping our customers address a myriad of needs. Just last week, when the White House and CDC needed to deploy a Covid-19 communication to American households, we leveraged the firepower of our web presses to support their effort, printing and mailing 45 million pieces in just five days.

Innovative mailing solutions using cookie-based customer data

In another instance, we have customers looking to capitalize on the increased traffic coming to their websites. For these customers, retargeted direct mail enables them to use online signals – think items browsed, form completions, or items left behind in a shopping cart – to drive the creation of a physical reminder of the interest the recipient expressed in their business.

Our end-to-end direct mail retargeting solution easily integrates into your current retargeting mix. It starts with audience identification. A pixel is placed on the web pages you want to track. From there, the matched records are appended with mailing address as well as other desired attributes such as demographic and psychographic characteristics. With data in hand, we leverage our high-speed digital inkjet platform to create and send pieces that are fully individualized – from copy to images to offers – ready to drop in the mail in as little as 48 hours of website activity. All this happens while following data-privacy rules in compliance with both CCPA and GDPR.

While retargeting is used heavily in retail, it’s worth pointing out that this effective strategy is not just for retailers alone. For any business that operates a website, retargeted direct mail provides the opportunity to reach your customers offline to drive them back online. Take for instance home and auto insurance provider Geico. They are using retargeted postcards to follow-up with individuals who requested an online quote. The message reminds the recipient that their online quote is still available and highlights the contact information of their local agent to complete the process.

So, what do these instances of customer support mean for you? It means that whatever your direct mail communication needs, we have the innovative mailing solutions and the firepower to meet them.

To discuss how you can benefit from the unique opportunities direct mail is providing, or to simply learn more about our specialty solutions like direct mail retargeting, contact us today.

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