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Personalized product imagery increases response rate 40%

The retailer had a database of nearly one million single-purchase customers at any twelve-month period. They struggled to drive repeat purchase traffic with their tactics of newspaper circulars, seasonal catalogs, and social media.

The retailer tested the direct mail channel with various one-time offers.

The purpose of the test was to gauge the performance of direct mail, determine the most effective offer, and understand the impact of personalization. Over a period of five months, the test targeted a rolling 100,000 one-time customers, six-months lapsed. Recipients received one of four postcard variations, featuring one of two cash discount offers and either personalized or generic product imagery.

Direct mail performed well beyond the retailer’s expectations.

The test resulted in an overall average redemption rate of 35%. Those that received the personalized imagery responded 40% better than the control group.

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