Life Insurance

7:1 Return on ad spend using mail retargeting

For this life insurance company, television advertising drives a substantial volume of visits to their website. While looking to learn more, not enough visitors were requesting a quote. The brand needed help converting these site visitors into leads.

Solution: postcard retargeting program

Placing a pixel on the company’s website enabled collection of visitor data. That data was then matched to physical addresses, enabling the brand to mail follow up postcards within 48 hours of receipt of data. Postcards tend to yield the greatest return on investment when it comes to retargeting, and that was the case here.

New policy holders from the program for Whole & Term Life and Guaranteed Life resulted in a 7x ROAS.

The company achieved a cost per lead for Whole & Term Life insurance 37% less than their goal, at $250. The Guaranteed Life cost per lead came in 42% less than their KPI at $235.

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