SG360° Named A USPS 2019 Next Campaign Awards Winner

USPS Next Gen Campaign Award Winner LogoEach day our team members come to work with the driving goal of creating and distributing innovative direct mail programs.

Every piece that comes off our presses is met with pride as we thrive on helping our customers seamlessly weave the power of direct mail into their marketing mix.

That pride recently went up a notch when one of our own direct mail pieces, Five Senses, was selected as a 2019 Next Generation Campaign Awards™ Innovative B2B Campaign Award winner.

Sponsored by the U.S. Postal Service®, the Next Generation Campaign Awards is an annual competition that recognizes excellence in creating engaging and interactive mail campaigns that incorporate advancements in printing and mobile technologies as an integral part of the messaging.

Known for recognizing some of the most innovative and attention-grabbing direct mail campaigns, we are thrilled to be named to this group.

Developed To Introduce Direct Mail To A New Generation of Marketers

We created the Five Senses piece to introduce direct mail to a new generation of marketers, with a particular focus on its ability to use full sensory engagement to build stronger brand connections that drive action faster.

Developed around the central story line, Escape to Italy, the piece uses an array of production techniques — from paper type to coatings to emerging technology — to highlight how direct mail can engage each sense in a different way. The interactive format features an outer brochure that sets the scene while the individual interior booklets depict an aspect of Italy that is communicated by highlighting a specific sense.

Senses 2Senses 1

Each booklet uses its own set of effects that bring the story to life including: reticulating varnish and coating, grit texture, metallic ink, scented varnish, UV textured coating, product sampling and last, but not least, an NFC chip that launches a digital video experience.

The ability to engage all five senses is just one reason why direct mail remains the dominant “high touch” means for creating an emotional connection that resonates greater and longer than digital marketing alone.

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