SG360º's perpetual motion continues.
Twenty-five months ago we announced the redefining of our brand.
Today we have acquired a great national direct mail producer—Lehigh Direct.

Together, we are inspired and uniquely positioned to turn a direct marketing service into a direct marketing solution, with our purpose being to develop deep connections with the people who matter most. Our customers. Our customers' customers. And every SG360º team member.


Together, we will produce more than two billion direct mail pieces annually.
Together, we have doubled production capacity.
Together, our team of experienced print and branding professionals number more than 600 strong.
Together, our four operating facilities expand to more than 950,000 sq. ft.
Together, our breadth and services include a multitude of four color in-line variable imaging web presses, as well as industry leadership data programming, making our SG360º offerings even greater.

"With the addition of Lehigh Direct this action proudly brings together—for you our valued customers and team members—two of the nation's premier direct mail producers. The blending of Lehigh Direct and SG360º exemplifies our commitment to being the best at providing our existing and future customers the most diverse and expansive expertise in the direct marketing industry,"
said Rick Joutras, SG360º's Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.

In 2012, SG360º began an aggressive strategy to build on its foundation as a nationally known, world-class printer with variable in-line web, sheet-fed offset and variable digital—and evolve into an Empirical Multi-Channel Integration company providing its customers with world-class brand services from strategy to consumer insights to design and marketing.

We are excited to further showcase our new team members, capabilities and facilities. Let's get together, soon.



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